Nutraceuticals and You

On page 141 of my book,

Silent Takeover

How the Body Hijacks the Mind,

I write,

While I am not one to promote taking a handful of supplements, the most efficient way to

increase your body’s production of its own glutathione may be with a nutraceutical

supplement. has a number of clinical trials published on such a product,

Protandim.* In one of the clinical trials, this supplement, a synergistic blend of five plants,

in vitro, was able to increase the body’s own production of glutathione by almost 300% with

just one pill per day. It works in the body by activating the body’s “watch dog”, the Nrf 2

Pathway. When activated, this pathway facilitates signaling between cells, affecting every

cell in the body. The “watch dog” sends a signal that the body needs additional glutathione,

super-oxide dismutase, catalase, and other antioxidant enzymes to counteract oxidative

stress. These enzymes, especially glutathione, get busy cleansing and regulating proper cell

function in the body and brain.

This important nutraceutical supplement can be found here

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