How Ants Think

Along my seven decade journey of living life and loving life, I’ve learned a few things about “us” people. Sometimes we need to ask for advice, sometimes we need more information, and sometimes we just want a different perspective on a problem or question we face.

My intention with Ancient Wisdom & Common Sense is to write about issues in emotional, mental, and physical health as well as share with you what I am learning about ADD/ADHD and Autism as I continue my research. In addition, when I read a scripture that explodes in my mind, expanding my ant-size view of God, I may just decide to free-range graze into religion. And, while I am on the subject of religion, I am not sure any of us can envision enough of Who God Is anymore than an ant can envision who we are as humans.

An ant scurries around looking for food for the Queen Ant, building a community for other ants, and hopefully, scrounging enough for the ant to eat in the meantime. Then, lo and behold, there is a large, looming human whose shadow breaks upon the ant. “Oh,” says the ant, “I know what that is: that is a human and I know about humans. They kill ants. That’s what humans are: ant killers. Must get away. Must get away.”

Actually, I don’t know how ants “think” any more than you do. But, I do know we have a very limited view of God, often blaming God for all sorts of things.

And, I may even talk about politics, but it won’t be the “endorsing” type of politics. Instead, if and when I meander into politics, it will be because my soul is being stirred with the shift in how we think. T.V. and movies are “mind-benders,” and I am greatly disturbed with how media dictates thinking and decision-making in the world today.

For the most part, Ancient Wisdom and Common Sense will, hopefully, give you some information you may not know unless you, like I, am an insatiable researcher whose hobby is boring people with facts. But, for the person searching for facts, finding them in an easy-to-read and understand form makes a blog worth reading.

So, please join me here and let me know what you want to read about: your health, your questions or even a question that plagues you. I may not know the answer, but I will do my best to search for ancient wisdom and maybe, some common sense.

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